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Versatility Performance Solutions is a people performance solutions provider.  We specialize in training tools, resources, and programs designed to increase and enhance an individual's personal and professional development and impact.


Establishing and nurturing relationships with those around us has never been more important. For the best results both in work, and in everyday life, we must work together.

Versatility Performance Solutions provides the direction for how to achieve increased job satisfaction and excel in performance.


OUR MISSION: To provide individuals with the direction, tools and resources necessary to reach their highest potential and master their success. 


Lisa has over 20 years of experience in the training and development of business professionals at all levels of an organization.  She has trained thousands of individuals, from entry level to senior executive level. Lisa has had the pleasure to work with companies such as Allegis Group, Aerotek, TEK Systems, The Baltimore Ravens and Merritt Clubs to name a few.


Lisa’s hands on approach to partnering and building a relationship with key stakeholders to learn and understand the business strategy, goals, vision, mission and culture of the organization have been instrumental in achieving desired business and performance results.  


Please refer to our course catalog to see a list of programs currently offered by Versatility Performance Solutions.

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